PS duPont Class of '59

Wilmington, Delaware

Special DVD Presentation “Remembering” now online

For those classmates who were unable to attend the Reunion and would like to see 50 years of memories in 15 minutes, check out the low resolution previews [DVD]. Due to copyright restrictions of the audio on YouTube, for public viewing, I had to replace the audio track of one of the videos with music from the Barber of Seville — buy hey, our lives these past 50 years have been one gigantic opera.

For a copy of the high resolution DVD, contact

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Saturday Night and All Dressed Up

More smiling faces … and all dressed up.

Please help identify fellow classmates and guests on slides marked with DKs or misidentified. Send correct identities to Fred Kagel.

Remember and enjoy!

Written permission and full attribution required for web reposting. Go to: P.S. duPont High School Class of ’59.

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Pete Mercer’s photo take on the Reunion

Pete says it all with Joe Cloud… a real Dynamiter

A Real Dynamiter

and with Don Goldstein and Bishop Jack McKelvey, an ecumenical meeting.

Ecumenical Meeting

To see Pete’s other pics, go to our website

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P.S. Greasers (1961)

Hot cars, hot chicks, Priscilla, Kelly’s. We didn’t have that in AZA … or did we? Yes, come to think of it, we did have some wild and crazy guys…but Ray Richardson, apparently was in a class all by himself… and he’s still cruisin’!

Ray, keep making us smile!

Ray Richardson 1961
(See high res scan at 50s Memory Lane).

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I Remember …

Cod-liver oil.

A Q&A in today’s paper reminded me of gobbling down many a teaspoon of cod-liver oil. The questioner states, “I took cod-liver oil in the late 1930s and early 1940s when I was a kid. In the 40s, a new form of cod-liver oil was introduced … called the sunshine pill.”

“Most make a face at the recollection,” the writer replies. “Cod-liver oil in those days was rich in vitamin D, vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids. Nowadays, cod-liver oil is easier to take, but vitamin D and some of the vitamin A may be removed during the purification process.”

I am told by my father that I actually liked cod-liver oil. In spite of my taking that stuff as a kid, I acquired the nickname, “Fregile,” having broken my bones several times.

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What does the marker say?

Marlene Taub Reinschmidt noticed that there seems to be a marker in the grass at the front walkway entrance of the school. Wonder what it says?

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Where’s our class tree?

Phylis Simione Williams, Cynthia Jobling, Ron Horseman posed as tree branches after 45th Reunion, October 2004.

November 2009, Gretchen Gravell Broadwater suggests we get together sometime with Lincoln Hohler, the current school principal, about searching for the tree and/or marker.  If we can’t locate and have extra funds, perhaps we could plant another tree.  Thoughts?

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Commemorative Envelope and Stamp Cover

Stamp and Envelope Commemorative Cover by CoverEach classmate who attended the 50th Reunion received a commemorative stamp and envelope cover. The total stamp postage equals 44 cents, the cost of first class postage of today. Commemorative provided by Keith Marsh as he further explains.

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Remembering Judy Langkammerer Grossman

Judy Langhammer Grossman

From 1959 Yearbook

I have many fond memories of standing around the piano while Judy Langkammerer’s father played honky tonk for Judy and me.

— Gretchen Gravell Broadwater

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What a great Reunion! What an amazing turn out! It was just a good feeling to see so many familiar faces and I enjoyed chatting with everyone, albeit brief snippets here and there. Of course, Clarence Henry’s button rang true: Hi, I don’t remember your name either. Then, there was Bob Vair’s sweatshirt that had his name printed on it.

If I did not spend enough time with you, or you with me, that is understandable and forgivable.

I could not believe the number of classmates that went on the school tour. Mr. Lincoln Hohler, the current principal, made it so enjoyable with his anecdotal stories. My favorite was about retaining the original ‘grease’ streaks on the auditorium walls from Bryl Cream days of the 50s and Afro Sheen of the 70s.

So, ‘Dynamiters’ is not PC, eh?

Ceci Shames taught Mr. Hohler a history lesson with a spontaneous Boboski.

Caught Bill Mat and Scott Woods reminiscing about cars and RayRock and Joe Cloud conjuring up ‘Killer Knob’ steering wheels.

Visited Ms. Levy’s HR, which will forever haunt me, as I was thrown out of it. Fortunately, here was a debate over whether it was HR 217 vs. HR 213, which is just as well to be forgotten since the rooms have been renumbered anyway.

What an impressive room in the current school devoted solely for historical memorabilia of P.S. duPont school.

No ropes in the gym, but caught Marlene Taub, Ellen Levy, Joan Hertzfeld and Lois Resnick, reminiscing, giggling and play acting outside about their days as the hockey girls and gymnasts.
Ellen’s husband Mario and I talked about real sports — baseball, in the Dominican Republic.

For just one memorable weekend in our current lives, we felt the return of that youthful spirit that made us young again.

Be well, everyone.

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