PS duPont Class of '59

Wilmington, Delaware

“A lot of people remember that as being the best time of their lives.”

Bob Clayton

Bob Clayton reflects on American Bandstand and the passing of Dick Clark 4/18/2012

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Bob Clayton Reflects on Bandstand and Passing of Dick Clark

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Special DVD Presentation “Remembering” now online

For those classmates who were unable to attend the Reunion and would like to see 50 years of memories in 15 minutes, check out the low resolution previews [DVD]. Due to copyright restrictions of the audio on YouTube, for public viewing, I had to replace the audio track of one of the videos with music from the Barber of Seville — buy hey, our lives these past 50 years have been one gigantic opera.

For a copy of the high resolution DVD, contact

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I Remember … Dances, Bandstand

Except for square dancing, I always felt awkward dancing. My wife says I still dance 5/4 time when I am supposed to dance 4/4 time. I vaguely remember the lunchtime dances at Warner Jr. High; I was probably outside playing baseball. I also remember the AZA formal dances at the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel duPont. Boy, those were expensive affairs in terms of today’s dollars. Once I was responsible for arranging for Dickie Do and the Don’ts to entertain, but I recall that Dickie Do didn’t — show.

But who can forget Dick Clark’s BANDSTAND? I never went there, but I certainly watched it. I remember Bob Clayton, but didn’t understand at the time all the hullabaloo about the Bandstand regulars. Also, I honestly didn’t remember Justine until Naomi Blam Clark recently reminded me of her. I have to let Naomi tell her story on her own as it involves Bob, Justine and herself.

Bandstand Boogie:

Bob Clayton and Justine
Bob Clayton – Bandstand

I did have crush on Micki Shore, who was somewhat of a regular on Bandstand, way back in 7th grade — my crush certainly had nothing to do with dance … or did it?

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