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What a great Reunion! What an amazing turn out! It was just a good feeling to see so many familiar faces and I enjoyed chatting with everyone, albeit brief snippets here and there. Of course, Clarence Henry’s button rang true: Hi, I don’t remember your name either. Then, there was Bob Vair’s sweatshirt that had his name printed on it.

If I did not spend enough time with you, or you with me, that is understandable and forgivable.

I could not believe the number of classmates that went on the school tour. Mr. Lincoln Hohler, the current principal, made it so enjoyable with his anecdotal stories. My favorite was about retaining the original ‘grease’ streaks on the auditorium walls from Bryl Cream days of the 50s and Afro Sheen of the 70s.

So, ‘Dynamiters’ is not PC, eh?

Ceci Shames taught Mr. Hohler a history lesson with a spontaneous Boboski.

Caught Bill Mat and Scott Woods reminiscing about cars and RayRock and Joe Cloud conjuring up ‘Killer Knob’ steering wheels.

Visited Ms. Levy’s HR, which will forever haunt me, as I was thrown out of it. Fortunately, here was a debate over whether it was HR 217 vs. HR 213, which is just as well to be forgotten since the rooms have been renumbered anyway.

What an impressive room in the current school devoted solely for historical memorabilia of P.S. duPont school.

No ropes in the gym, but caught Marlene Taub, Ellen Levy, Joan Hertzfeld and Lois Resnick, reminiscing, giggling and play acting outside about their days as the hockey girls and gymnasts.
Ellen’s husband Mario and I talked about real sports — baseball, in the Dominican Republic.

For just one memorable weekend in our current lives, we felt the return of that youthful spirit that made us young again.

Be well, everyone.

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Conversations with Sandi Hurlong

Skype Call
Dr. Sandra Hurlong has been appointed President of  Intercultural Open University Foundation in the Netherlands: She regrets not being able to attend the reunion, but has provided us a Skyped conversation, appropriately in line with her “vision of adult-based distance education.”]

Her wishes for our Reunion:

Her current role as President of the University:

Her reflections on previous reunions, Judy Morris Armstrong, Ellen Levy Koenig, Gretchen Gravell Broadwater, and drama and Mr. Laird:

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Best Wishes for Our 50th Reunion

Best Wishes

To our health, friendships and peace!

Who knows where the time goes?

Stay well,

See what Ceci Shames Ufberg has to say or to add your own Best Wishes, click on ‘Comment(s)’ below.

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Welcome to PS duPont High School Class of ’59


This blog site is dedicated to fond memories of P.S. duPont High School in Wilmington, Delaware and to the graduating class of 1959.

Here’s to our 50th Reunion to be held November 7, 2009. As time marches on for all of us, this weekend is being organized to see “old” friends and renew relationships that have been special to all of us over the years. For RSVPs, room reservations, call for memorabilia, and up-to-date info on the reunion, check out

To our health, peace, and friendships! Stay well!

Fred Kagel

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