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Wilmington, Delaware

On Larry Emmett’s Passing

LarryEmmettI have fond memories of Larry, a very deep guy, to say the least. But he had an amazing wit. I have a vague recollection of SNL type skits that Larry created: one where he comes into an office waiting room and starts ‘drumming’ on his briefcase. In another, he spoofed something or other by singing in an operatic voice or maybe it was opera he was mocking. But of course, Larry loved classical music in general.

I remember Larry and I cramming for a German test on Goethe. We went to the public library intending to steal a synopsis of Goethe’s Faust, but someone else beat us to it.

As Larry wrote in my yearbook, “May life be to you, as German is to me … mystifying.” Yes, my friend, life is mystifying, but it was worth the trip knowing you.

See Larry’s obituary

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