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Prez Makes Pit Stop

Obama_at_Charcoal_PitMarlene Taub Reinschmidt can’t believe the joint where we hung out more than 50 years ago is still going strong. How many generations of teenagers visited the Charcoal Pit? she wonders.

So here’s the answer: That’s my Dad’s table! For the last 10-15 years or more, my wife would take napkins and pat the burgers to soak up the grease. Dad would simply bite in, marvel at how the tomatoes were perfectly bun-fitting, and conjecture that the Charcoal Pit must own a hothouse somewhere in lower Del. Me? I rarely eat beef anymore, and definitely pass up on the burgers, strangely, in favor of their chicken fingers and salads. But what do I know — Dad just turned 101. When I told Dad the story today, he just chuckled: Obama made at least one wise choice and Biden finally gave the President some good advice.

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  1. And how many high school sundaes [are there] like the dynamiter!

    Comment by Gretchen (Gravell) Broadwater | July 22, 2014 | Reply

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