PS duPont Class of '59

Wilmington, Delaware

I Remember … Dances, Bandstand

Except for square dancing, I always felt awkward dancing. My wife says I still dance 5/4 time when I am supposed to dance 4/4 time. I vaguely remember the lunchtime dances at Warner Jr. High; I was probably outside playing baseball. I also remember the AZA formal dances at the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel duPont. Boy, those were expensive affairs in terms of today’s dollars. Once I was responsible for arranging for Dickie Do and the Don’ts to entertain, but I recall that Dickie Do didn’t — show.

But who can forget Dick Clark’s BANDSTAND? I never went there, but I certainly watched it. I remember Bob Clayton, but didn’t understand at the time all the hullabaloo about the Bandstand regulars. Also, I honestly didn’t remember Justine until Naomi Blam Clark recently reminded me of her. I have to let Naomi tell her story on her own as it involves Bob, Justine and herself.

Bandstand Boogie:

Bob Clayton and Justine
Bob Clayton – Bandstand

I did have crush on Micki Shore, who was somewhat of a regular on Bandstand, way back in 7th grade — my crush certainly had nothing to do with dance … or did it?

September 28, 2009 - Posted by | Bandstand, Bob Clayton, Dances, Memories

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  1. Howard Rosen & Lyn Harnett were listed as the best dancers in the Yearbook, but my vote always went to Jerry and Carole Rosen Schwartz.

    Comment by Fred | October 1, 2009 | Reply

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