PS duPont Class of '59

Wilmington, Delaware

My Favorite Teacher

Sammy Finesmith, chemistry teacher. TSF: Tough. Sarcastic. Fair.

I saw Sammy a few years before he died and got a chance to thank him for his table of valences that I used in college. Unfortunately, while some of the other teachers were very good, I felt that the curriculum at PS was not tough enough. At the UofD, students from NY and Baltimore were far better prepared in math than I. They all had had Calculus. At the UofD, two years after Sputnik, I was thrown into large math lecture halls, handed an advanced Algebra and Trig text to learn on my own, and was quickly cut down to size when called on and did not know the answer.

If I only had a computer back then.

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I Remember … Dances, Bandstand

Except for square dancing, I always felt awkward dancing. My wife says I still dance 5/4 time when I am supposed to dance 4/4 time. I vaguely remember the lunchtime dances at Warner Jr. High; I was probably outside playing baseball. I also remember the AZA formal dances at the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel duPont. Boy, those were expensive affairs in terms of today’s dollars. Once I was responsible for arranging for Dickie Do and the Don’ts to entertain, but I recall that Dickie Do didn’t — show.

But who can forget Dick Clark’s BANDSTAND? I never went there, but I certainly watched it. I remember Bob Clayton, but didn’t understand at the time all the hullabaloo about the Bandstand regulars. Also, I honestly didn’t remember Justine until Naomi Blam Clark recently reminded me of her. I have to let Naomi tell her story on her own as it involves Bob, Justine and herself.

Bandstand Boogie:

Bob Clayton and Justine
Bob Clayton – Bandstand

I did have crush on Micki Shore, who was somewhat of a regular on Bandstand, way back in 7th grade — my crush certainly had nothing to do with dance … or did it?

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I Remember…learning to drive, cars

My Dad taught me to drive in the Wanamakers’ and Sears’ parking lots when I was 15. When I turned sixteen in March, I didn’t rush to get my driver’s license. I waited until the summer. Driving and cars were never a big deal to me.

I didn’t have my own car and had to share the family car, a station wagon. I didn’t get my first car — a 1954 Ford – until I was in college. I paid $200 for it. Turns out it had a cracked block and was junked soon after I bought it.

A bunch of us went to a drive-in to see Brigitte Bardot in “God Created Woman.” While backing out of the parking slot, I put a dent in the fender. I had a lot of explaining to do the next day.

Herbie Sherr cured me of drag racing when he cut me off dragging up the Concord Pike.

After the Senior Prom, Harold Meyorwitz and I went to Atlantic City w/o our dates. Harold drove his car, which was completely on empty. Talk about fuel economy — he must have gotten at least 50 miles to the gallon!

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